Friday, 12 March 2010

Mothers Day!

So its mothers day on 14th March & I have been trying to decide what to get for my Mom. This year, my Mom is coming to see me in my new home (she's not been here yet as we live in different countries) so I was wanting to make it extra special for her! I found this gorgeous plate & couldn't resist it - she has the milk jug from the same collection...they are totally amazing pieces!

Then when I was wrapping it up I was trying to think how I could make a fun gift tag, when I suddenly realized why not make a gift tag/mothers day card all in one? Most of my craft supplies are in my old house so what I have here is very limited! I literally made the card from wrapping up paper over thin card (the card being an old sales brochure...:s) and bought some confetti stars from the supermarket to add a bit of sparkle ... I think it turned out ok...?! Inside, I included an area for text on one heart and and old photo on the other!

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