Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hair Today...

Don't you just love gorgeous beach hair?? Its something I find hard to achieve on my own hair as it is naturally poker straight... gah!

I've tried everything including mouse, gels etc but they tend to make my hair feel sticky which isn't great especially if you are off to the beach!

I love these effortless, flowing curls in the pictures below - & think they look FAB with summer clothes!

I thought I'd share my tip on here as in the past I have searched tirelessly online for ways to get that effortless beach hair style! The only thing I find that works for me is to wash my hair the night before, part it (center or off center) and french plait each side (plaited fairly loosely so it doesn't go frizzy - and start plait where I want curl to start!). I then spray it with Elnett Hairspray by Loreal once it has dried a little! In the morning (if there is time) I curl any odd strand with the curling tongues!

Please feel free to share your tips on how you achieve beach hair styles as often I'm not organised enough to do this procedure the night before!! :)


  1. Ohh great! I'll have to look into that! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy reading it. I've subscribed to yours as well! We newbies need to stick together. ;-)

    I love this wavy hair too. My hair is naturally curly, so it's hard for me to have anything other than straight or curly, the inbetween for me is nothing but frizz! :-)

  3. I love beach hair! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting so that I could find your blog..I am now a follower too. Have a beautiful day...~lulu

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