Friday, 25 June 2010

Finished Living Room Curtains

The curtains are finally finished....& we have even put them up!! After having the fabric for 6 months & not getting around to taking them to the dresser, I was SO excited to finally have them finished:)

I couldn't wait to show you how they turned out!

I really appreciated everyone's advice in my post about the puddled look curtain & it really helped me make my decision! So thank you all :) I'm really happy that I went with the look, but glad I didn't go to the extreme like in some of the photos!

{our lounge is a work in progress, so still very bare!}

I originally wanted really big black tiebacks for a more dramatic look but couldn't find any at a reasonable price so went with these smaller ones...

The little black table was a little project of mine - I bought it for £5! It was a nasty browny colour to start of with...I decided to give it a modern look so painted it black, to fit in with our living room theme!

I didn't get a very good before picture as the legs had to be taken of for transporting ... but you get the gist! :)

I will post more living room pictures as we get more done to it!

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  1. Your curtains look perfect!!! I love how they pool at the bottom....what a gorgeous fabric! Isn't it just so nice to have something new in the house? :) I'm a sucker for change.

  2. Love the black table!! Have a great weekend, Catherine! xo

  3. The curtains look great Catherine,You must be so pleased with them. They finish a room don't they? Love the puddled look they have. Your table is very smart too.
    Donna xx

  4. The living room with this curtains is very cute!!!
    Have a nice weekend, hugs from Italy, Annamaria

  5. looks great, and I love the table! well done!!

  6. What a great job you have done they look fantastic..i think big puddles may have been too much and dusty...enjoy your weekend Kym X

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