Monday, 26 April 2010

An 'Uncle Bens' Flower Vase...

I am having friends over for tea later & when I was grocery shopping I saw these lovely tulips which I couldn't resist! I got home & couldn't decide what vase to put them in & as I was feeling like a mini project I decided to make the vase myself!

I'm going for the easy option tonight ie using ready made sauce, (gotta love Uncle Ben!) & I decided to use the jar the sauce came in for my little project...

I emptied the contents of the jar & washed it out & got to work with my ball of string ... winding it around, gluing as I went...

I added extra glue around the top so it wouldn't become loose.

The finished product:

I'm REALLY happy with how it turned out & it was oh so easy to make - took literally 20 minutes!

While on the topic of alternative vases, I played about with my little rose plant last week...I wasn't sure whether this idea worked or not?!

Shared at Along for the Ride, & A Few of My Favorite Things

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Garden Seat

I've not had chance to post for a while cos I've been pretty busy of late with work, but in my spare time one of my projects has been painting our new garden seat!

We were in a garden centre a while ago & saw a beautiful arbour seat & fell in love with it... but not with the price tag!

As the weather has been really nice of late & he was looking for a project my husband offered (yes, offered, no forcing necessary) to build us one as it would be about a quarter of the price and it could be made to a size we wanted...

So the deal was, he would build it and I would paint it :) That lattice was a nightmare to paint so I think the work load was shared equally ;-)

Here it is in various stages of construction ...

And finally...

I found these cushions & although they are a little small, I think the colours work really well so I'm looking for something larger to go with them..

Perfect spot for catching up on my interior mags I reckon...? :)

Now, all we need is for that warm weather to come back ... :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

*My Favourite Place*

Have you got a place that is really special to you, that you would go to right now if you could? Whether it be because it holds a special memory or simply because it is beautiful, it holds a special place in your heart and you often find your mind drifting there?

Well, my favourite place is a little hideaway hotel in Bel Air which we stayed in while in LA. We only stayed there for two nights as it was a special treat to ourselves on our honeymoon so I don't know if we'll ever get to stay there again;) The hotel is classical in style but understated, and the gardens are insanely beautiful & so was our room!
I just have to share these pictures cos they brighten up my day whenever I look at them! Hope you enjoy them too :)

Swan LakeMain hotel building

Our room

Path which links rooms
I just loved this little orange tree :)

Little fountain

Swimming Pool
All of the rooms rooms are accessed through corridors like this..

Where is your favourite place? :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

FAB Giveaway!

Yesterday I was so happy to come across a great blog My House of Giggles & to my delight, the latest post was an amazingly generous giveaway! It's the "At Home with White" book by Atlanta Bartlett! This has been on my to buy list for ages so you can imagine my excitement! Its packed with great ideas & is a real must have book!

Entries close Tuesday 13th April, so hurry on over now to enter! :)

Best of luck...


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'm in love ...

... with Portobello Road!

There are sooo many little antique shops overflowing with amazing finds, but I particularly love Alice's antiques and could spend hours there! It is jam packed with goodies, from china, to vintage sports equipment, furniture and household accessories. Soo worth a visit!

I was gutted I had left it too late to go & visit the Rachel Ashwell shop, but I did pay a visit to the famous Laduree & purchased a box of macaroons.... oh baby! :)

The Fabulous window display:

The yummy macaroons and cute bag & box they come in, did help ease the pain of not going to Rachel Ashwells shop & for my next trip it will be top of the list of places to go!!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Home Sweet Home

Since my last post I have returned to England to my parents home for Easter & in my spare time I have been rummaging through some of my Mums antique/thrifty pieces (trying to see what I can steal...)
She's always had an eye for pretty antique pieces & has created a good setting for them ~ our styles do vary ~ I'm a lover of a modern setting with the odd splash of vintage to add interest & mum is more traditional ~ in my opinion, both work :)

I have enjoyed playing around with my finds for photographing ~ I hope you enjoy them :)
I love love love old books, so was ecstatic to find a stack here!!
My dad made the book shelf/stand so it makes it extra special to me!

I adore this little date stand/ink well ~ and a vintage family album ...

I came across a pile of old plates which are oh so pretty...

And finally, my Grandad was a jeweller & these are his weighing scales ~ lots of the weights are missing from the box...

Messing around with Picasa!

Hope you are all having a great Easter!