Monday, 31 May 2010

Mini Bottle Project!

For a while now, I have been loving looking at how bloggers have used sheet music in different projects & have been trying to figure out how I could incorporate it into my own decor scheme somehow!!

I recently found this little home interiors shop called Raspberry Village... (I could spend hours in there), and amongst many things they sold some cute glass bottles for around £2! They were exactly like what I had been looking for.

However.....I kinda felt I could make them look a little more interesting! So, I went to my favorite craft store, got some creamy coloured paper (like the colour of old sheet music), white ribbon & some metal embellishments!

When I got home, I copied & pasted some music lines on the computer, (four lines for the small bottle, 5 for the large bottle), minimized them to the right size & printed them onto the paper.

I then cut out the music to the right size for each bottle, stuck it to the glass, fed the ribbon through the embellishment and stuck it together at the back.

Here is the finished result!

I think they sit really well on my hall table!

Quick + easy ~ perfect mini project for me! :)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Style Me Pretty

Even though you are maybe not getting married, you have to check out this site!!! Its called Style Me Pretty!

This time last year I was in full wedding organising mode!! This year, there is part of me that would love to do it all again (is that strange..?)! Especially after seeing this site...

Even though there was lots of pressure (mainly to do with timing everything perfectly) I loved the whole planning experience!

Anyway, this site was brought to my attention recently - it has lots of tablescape ideas which are just AMAZING!

I've a few birthdays coming up this month & am looking for fun ideas just like these...!


I just love the little tealight holder, hanging from the branch!

Those little favours are gorgeous! I had trouble finding a favour I liked...if only I had seen these!!:)

What a gorgeous summery table ~ love everything about it!

I love how branch off cuts are used here ~ so rustic!

Love these thank you bags too!

What a cute way to display photos!!

Monday, 24 May 2010

My First Award!!

I was so happy to receive a blog award from the lovely Donna at Rosebud and Bluebells. When I started blogging I didn't expect any one to be interested in my blog when there are soo many talented & inspirational bloggers out there! So, thank you Donna so much for this lovely award - you really made my day & its people like you that make me love blogging so much :)
I really want to recommend you visit Donnas lovely blog which I love visiting & she is such a lovely person as well!

The rules of the award are that I need to thank the giver (thanks Donna!) and to write about 10 things that make me happy & then pass on the award to 5 people, so here goes...

1. My Husband
The husband has to be number 1 eh? ;) (Honestly, this has nothing to do with the possibility he may check this blog now & then) ;) We got married in July 2009 & had been together since I was 16!
I'm so lucky to have married my best friend!

2. My Family & Friends
I'm so fortunate to have a really supportive & loving family! I miss them a lot since moving from England, but try & get back often so I don't miss out on too much! I also love hanging out with my friends! Where would we be with out our girlfriends?

3. Traveling
I love traveling & would do more if I had the time/money! I don't know where my favorite location is...California is defiantly high on the list! I'm also in love with Greece - the food, weather, language, culture - love it :) Somewhere I really want to visit is Thailand!

4. Food
You may not think it to see me (as I'm a UK size 6 or 8) but I do love my food! :) My favorite food would have to be Greek Food...Greek Salad, Souvlaki, mmm!

5. ShoesI guess this doesn't need any explanation :) I love cute shoes & I love how shoes can make an outfit so much more fun! I don't know how many pairs I have & I don't have a type I like best... I do like to get a bargain though, as I think that way you can justify buying an extra pair...?!

6. Interior Design
Interior Design fascinates me - I can look at design magazines/books for hours! I love Elle Decoration Magazine & the book Easy Elegance! I don't know how to describe my style really & I think its important to create your own - I'd say I aim for sleek, yet relaxed modern with a splash of vintage here & there! Does that make sense? :)

7. Being Creative
I love making things & being creative. Its great to get projects to do when I have the time & I love the feeling of satisfaction you get when a project turns out well:) I enjoy photography & I love editing pictures to make them look arty! Why buy pictures when you can take them yourself ... so much more personal!!

8. Daisy
I had to put my 'ickle pooch down as one of my loves! She's the cutest & even though she's so small, she has a massive personality & is extremely entertaining :)

9. The Beach
I love everything about the beach...& I guess this is somehow reflected in my personal style. I love the relaxed way of living & healthy lifestyle beach-side living offers! I also love that no matter what time of year it is always fun to visit! I'd love one day to live nearer to the coast!

10. Blogging
I always thought blogging was a nerdy thing to do ... that was until I discovered blogspot!! Since starting my blog, I have got sooo much inspiration for what to do in my house & been given the 'get up & go' to actually get things in my home done!! I've also met some of the loveliest, talented ladies & randomly met someone I indirectly know! It really is a small world huh?

The 5 other bloggers I'm going to pass this on to are:

Duchess @ Rose Tea Cottage
Helena @ A Diary of Lovely
Jen @ Slumber Designs
Debbie Lee @ Inspired Design
Flaviana @ La maison des lilas

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A little update from me!

My stay in England has been prolonged due to some illness in my family and as a result I haven't been able to blog about anything interesting I have been up to! Most days I'm visiting my relative in hospital & looking after my little dog Daisy who was spayed last week! Thank goodness for the Internet & I can still keep doing my work...!

I'm itching to start on some projects waiting for me back in Northern Ireland (3 projects to be precise!)

One thing I am enjoying while I'm still at my parents, is shopping :)

When I was in town yesterday, I found this cute little bird place card holder & fell in love... I think I'm going to use it to hold a photograph & sit it on my hall table! Isn't it adorable?! ;) The top picture is of me & my dad when I was about 6! I thought it looked cute in the holder :)

Anyway, I hope to be back to N. Ireland (& to all my projects) at the weekend.... oh, that's depending on the ash cloud obviously.... ;)
Can't wait!

Hope you are all having a good week!


Sunday, 9 May 2010

A walk around my village...

This weekend I'm back home in England :)

In the month I've been away, all the plants seemed to have burst into life and suddenly everywhere is so beautiful

Its so pretty after the bleakness of Winter

Our village is an old market town in the country & there are lots of old houses & cottages which are so full of character. I pass them every time I am walking the dog & drool over them :)

They are immaculately kept by their owners which makes them so beautiful and unique...I just had to take some pictures to capture their beauty this time of year!

Most of them are hidden behind a blanket of greenery & I think that adds to their charm!

I hope you enjoy looking at a few of them as much as I do walking by them :)

This house (same as first photo) has to be my favourite!

This always takes my eye!

A quaint little cottage with one awesome garden!

This is all you can see from the road ... but looks so inviting!

This is actually a house... I've not worked out how it works but still, it looks cute!
Hope you enjoyed your walk around my village!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Novelty Photo Display

Today is my day off and its been a really productive day ~ and its still only 5pm! I LOVE days like this :)

I've had this 'problem wall' in my hall & I've been puzzled what to do with it ever since we moved in.

Our house is fairly new so we are pretty much starting from scratch with all the decorating... which is good I guess (?!) except when you have a door bell box in the middle of the largest wall in the hallway (see below). hmm...

Earlier on today I was in the craft shop and I saw some plastic baubles in a range of different sizes. I had a brain wave I could put a picture into a selection of them and make them into an alternative photo display.

I measured out the circles & printed out photographs to fit in them... I then glued the photo to a scrap of card (as usual with me, old card = old sales particulars!) to give stability and cut them out.
Once I'd finished inserting all of the photos, I was trying to decide where to hang them and more importantly how to hang them...

I was outside when I noticed a piece of driftwood I brought from the beach (random, I know) :) I suddenly realized I could hang the baubles from this using white thread!

To my surprise... It actually looked OK!! It defiantly takes the bareness from the wall when you come in the front door!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Coastal Living

So I've not completed any of my projects or anything on my 'to do' list this week... 'real' work got in the way!!

One thing I have done this week is find an amazing website & I have to share it with you... it is Coastal Living... I am probably waaay behind here as I've only just found out about it but I've enjoyed spending time browsing through the dreamy pictures and creating my own imaginary beach house! (Think it is part of a Coastal Living Magazine...)

It is packed with great ideas & beautiful pictures! I'm currently trying to create a modern, relaxing beachy style living room so am always looking for inspiration & this website gave me lots of ideas! yay :)

I am just in love with this dining area.. the view, the colours, that chandelier...

I'm thinking this would be the perfect location to spend those lazy warm summer evenings...

What a dreamy bedroom...

There's just something about this kitchen I really love... I think its the openness & the contrast in the dark wood & white walls

This is going to have to be the breakfast room cos its just so fun! :)

Finally, I have to let you see my little bargain of the week (£10) .. they are actually garden lanterns but I think they sit OK beside my fire in the living room & will help with the 'beachy' vibe I'm trying to create... ?!?

Hope everyone had a fun May Day Weekend!