Saturday, 3 April 2010

Home Sweet Home

Since my last post I have returned to England to my parents home for Easter & in my spare time I have been rummaging through some of my Mums antique/thrifty pieces (trying to see what I can steal...)
She's always had an eye for pretty antique pieces & has created a good setting for them ~ our styles do vary ~ I'm a lover of a modern setting with the odd splash of vintage to add interest & mum is more traditional ~ in my opinion, both work :)

I have enjoyed playing around with my finds for photographing ~ I hope you enjoy them :)
I love love love old books, so was ecstatic to find a stack here!!
My dad made the book shelf/stand so it makes it extra special to me!

I adore this little date stand/ink well ~ and a vintage family album ...

I came across a pile of old plates which are oh so pretty...

And finally, my Grandad was a jeweller & these are his weighing scales ~ lots of the weights are missing from the box...

Messing around with Picasa!

Hope you are all having a great Easter!



  1. Great pictures! It sounds like so much fun - rummaging through your mom's treasures. :-) I especially love the vintage plates you took pictures of!

    And thank you so much for your sweet comment about my quilt. :-) Happy Easter!

  2. Great finds and great photos
    Enjoy your time at home, hope you have a great time with your family! xoxo

  3. Oh such lovely finds! How cute! Happy Easter! xoxo

  4. I love old books too...your header is very follower! off to see more of your blog...

  5. Hi Catherine!
    Your photos are fantastic, you have a very good eye. :-)

    And yep, I'm a big lover of old books, too.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!