Thursday, 8 April 2010

FAB Giveaway!

Yesterday I was so happy to come across a great blog My House of Giggles & to my delight, the latest post was an amazingly generous giveaway! It's the "At Home with White" book by Atlanta Bartlett! This has been on my to buy list for ages so you can imagine my excitement! Its packed with great ideas & is a real must have book!

Entries close Tuesday 13th April, so hurry on over now to enter! :)

Best of luck...



  1. Catherine! You are a sweetheart for posting about my giveaway!!! I'm so glad you found my little blog :) And now I've found yours!! Can't wait to see more posts from your beautiful world :) You look so familiar to me, for some're not from Northern Ireland, are you?

  2. Oh wow! YES I live in NI since I married in July 09!! (Originally I'm from England) Have we met?! Having trouble placing you although you too look familiar...
    Just seen your pictures of the North Coast - my husband is from up there!
    So glad I found your blog - its amazing! You have a gorgeous house & cutest kids!

  3. Oh! Darling today is such a lovely day, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the birds are calling me to the garden. I came by to wish you an equally lovely weekend Lady Catherine darling.

    Love & Hugs

  4. Catherine, thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. it led me to your wonderful blog which I will be following! Have a terrific weekend! ~Debby

  5. Thanks for the giveaway info... going over to enter now... happy Saterday:)

  6. ok...I must definitely know who you are then....I'm taking a long shot here, but any chance you're married to Keith? As in, brother of Gareth? :) Or, if not, one of their friends? For some reason I feel like I've seen you with them :) I actually live in Vancouver, Canada, but my parents are both from NI, and we used to go every year. My sister is Shannon and she's over there a fair bit :)

  7. Oh my.. yes I am married to Keith!
    I do know your sister!!! Have seen her lots over the years - I knew she had a brother as I've seen him a few years ago & have seen your parents most summers I've been about here!
    Wow what a small world! Maybe we'll get to meet properly when you are over another time!:)

  8. That image looks so nice and white :) Thanks for the giveaway info.

  9. wow! it really is a small world, isn't it? I know where I've seen you Gareth's photos on Facebook of your beautiful wedding! :) I probably saw you up in portstewart around the 12th too....we were over there two summers ago.
    So funny!
    It's lovely to meet another girl with the same style as me!! :) And who's also somewhat addicted to blogging! haha.

  10. so funny that you did this lovely post about my giveaway without even knowing we sort of "knew" each other :) I grew up going to john and georgie's on sundays in the summer :)

  11. Haven't had chance to tell Keith about all this as I'm only back from England! It's crazy - don't know how I found your blog, but so glad I have! I love your style & your blog is such a good read!

    Yes I am getting addicted to this whole blog thing.. wish I had more time to let my creative side loose though:) In the meantime I'll enjoy reading about your projects!:)

  12. I adore her blog so so much...good luck to you!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog darling!
    Wish you a lovely day!

  14. Thanks for letting me know