Monday, 26 April 2010

An 'Uncle Bens' Flower Vase...

I am having friends over for tea later & when I was grocery shopping I saw these lovely tulips which I couldn't resist! I got home & couldn't decide what vase to put them in & as I was feeling like a mini project I decided to make the vase myself!

I'm going for the easy option tonight ie using ready made sauce, (gotta love Uncle Ben!) & I decided to use the jar the sauce came in for my little project...

I emptied the contents of the jar & washed it out & got to work with my ball of string ... winding it around, gluing as I went...

I added extra glue around the top so it wouldn't become loose.

The finished product:

I'm REALLY happy with how it turned out & it was oh so easy to make - took literally 20 minutes!

While on the topic of alternative vases, I played about with my little rose plant last week...I wasn't sure whether this idea worked or not?!

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  1. beautiful tulips, have fun with your tea date

  2. I love tulips! The vase tuned out adorable. :)

  3. so you are a Katerina? how fun! yes im actually half greek, mum is greek, and the other half is spanish :)
    How sweet! where is your mom from? Do you visit at all?
    PS: loooove the vase! great idea!! xo

  4. I have done that with a jar before, something so simple yet it turns out really great!

  5. Hi Catherine
    not only the vase turned out really pretty.. the whole table setting is truly Chic!
    well done !
    xx Flaviana

  6. Hi Catherine

    Thank you for leaving a message on my post as it enabled me to find yours! What a great blog you have! The case idea is fab...think I will have to nick that one off you! The photot that your hubby took of you on the beach is absolutely amazing, just had to mention that! I will look forward to following your blog! Have a wonderful day! xxx

  7. This is brilliant! I have a million of those jars just sitting around gathering dust! Thank you for for sharing your vase idea.

    Best wishes,

  8. Your blog is really cute! I love your pictures at the beach. I am going to follow :)

  9. Tres crafty. I'm sure the idea will come in handy. Jane f.

  10. I love how this turned out!

    I'm having a blog party tomorrow and I'd love it if you linked up!

  11. creative, easy, pretty, inexpensive...I love it, I'll be making a couple for teacher appreciation week.

  12. The vase came out beautifully! Love the rustic look combined with the white tulips!