Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Week: In Pictures

Although somewhat theraputic, I sometimes find it difficult to know what to post about as I don't often have the time to spend writing long drawn out pieces. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I'd try and post a few pictures of my week, every Friday.
We will see how long this lasts... but for now, it will be interesting for me to look back at what happened during the week and maybe encourage me to take more photos!

Making homemade cloudy lemonade - {Recipe here!}
A sunny day - yes we actually had sunbathing weather this week!!
A parcel through the post - I love that feeling when something you have ordered finally arrives :-) Paper Straws, Bamboo Skewers, Cotton Candy Bakers Twine all from Pipii {Check it out!}
Theas new shoes - courtesy of my friend Gayle! I love them!

I just couldn't leave this skipping rope, even though it will be years before Thea can use it - until then, I'll enjoy looking at it! :-)

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