Friday, 5 August 2011

Amature Baby Photography

We have been trying to design a Thank You card to send out for all the baby gifts we received. So a couple of weeks ago we did a mini photography session - I always think it is more fun to design your own card!
I decided not to go with the traditional folded card but use a single side of DL sized card with a sepia photo of Thea at the top,
Thank You underneath & a space for writing at the bottom. Sounds simple, but getting a picture of a 8 week old baby, still, without blurry hands & feet, in between screams turned out to be challenging! I guess it would show her as she really is right now though! After about 100 plus shots, these are our favourites!

And here are some of the blurry ones :)

Finally, here is the card ...

I'm just realising I started this post on 31 May & I am just posting this now - eek, where has the time gone!

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