Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I need your advice!!

Tomorrow, I am going to a curtain maker to adjust the curtains I have bought for my living room...

I bought these curtains a while ago (see below) & they are deliberately left extra long so you can design them as you like.

Here's where I need some help.

I've had this idea that super long curtains (apparently called curtain puddle design), tied back are a good look - but now when I am coming to make my final decision I'm not so sure ... I'm afraid the excess length may look messy.

When I was researching the look online, I suddenly thought, who better to ask advice from than some stylish bloggers?

Here are some examples I looked up today which I may use tomorrow...

I'd love to hear what you think - is it a good look, or is it really messy?!

I promise to post some images of the finished product :)



  1. I like them to drag a little but not as much as in the pictures, does that make sense? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I like the 3rd picture the best because they look romantic tied together and flowy. I think if you have any doubts about leaving them that long, you shouldn't do it. Barely touching the floor always looks nice.

  3. I like the look personally but it is really a matter of personal taste. xo

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I think if you like the look give it a go as you can always take them up later but once they have been taken up you can't lengthen them again. The considerations I would make however are the traffic flow to the room & the floor coverings if the room isn't used much the curtains can be left relativley undisturbed and shouldn't get too messy and if you have carpets as opposed to floor boards they probably won't get too dusty. Good luck decisions, decisions. i look forward to pics.
    Donna xx

  5. I really love the looks that you posted here - especially that last one. I did this with my last curtains in our master bedroom and it looked fine...but then I hung them a little higher so that they were barely touching the floor and it looked SO much better.

    I really like to hang my curtains a little higher to make my windows look taller and make the ceiling feel higher...

    I am sure they will look great no matter what you do! You should try pinning them different lengths to see what you like best!

  6. Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment with your advice everyone! I was really glad to have other peoples opinions when I was making my decision :)

    I took them to the curtian maker yesterday & they will be ready end of next week :)

    I decided to go for the look but not as extreme as in the pictures above...heres hoping they turn out as I imagine!!


  7. You know what...I think it might depend on how much space you have. I have a very small living room and I think the "puddling" my curtains would just overwhelm the room and make it look messy. However, in a more grand living space, I think they would look very chic puddled.

    Wow...I wasn't much help now was I?!?!? :)

    Can't wait to see pics.

    Love your blog btw!