Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Novelty Photo Display

Today is my day off and its been a really productive day ~ and its still only 5pm! I LOVE days like this :)

I've had this 'problem wall' in my hall & I've been puzzled what to do with it ever since we moved in.

Our house is fairly new so we are pretty much starting from scratch with all the decorating... which is good I guess (?!) except when you have a door bell box in the middle of the largest wall in the hallway (see below). hmm...

Earlier on today I was in the craft shop and I saw some plastic baubles in a range of different sizes. I had a brain wave I could put a picture into a selection of them and make them into an alternative photo display.

I measured out the circles & printed out photographs to fit in them... I then glued the photo to a scrap of card (as usual with me, old card = old sales particulars!) to give stability and cut them out.
Once I'd finished inserting all of the photos, I was trying to decide where to hang them and more importantly how to hang them...

I was outside when I noticed a piece of driftwood I brought from the beach (random, I know) :) I suddenly realized I could hang the baubles from this using white thread!

To my surprise... It actually looked OK!! It defiantly takes the bareness from the wall when you come in the front door!


  1. It looks great - I'd never have thought of putting driftwood and plastic baubles together but it totally works.

    Whose silly idea was it to plonk the alarm box there though?!

  2. Hi Catherine, It's so lovely to meet you and I'm glad you are a new follower. I love making new friends via blogging. I have a wall in my home with the same problem a thermostat right in the middle and a heating grate under that. I left mine untouched for ages and finally settled on hanging photos on it too. Your driftwood bauble display looks great, isn't it a great feeling when a project turns out well.
    Have a great day.

  3. Our entry wall has a phone, door phone actually, hahahha, so can't really hand anything... Great idea!!
    milao ellinika nai, how fun!! my mom is from the Peloponese and boyfriend from Corfu!
    You are a sweetheart xxx

  4. What an adorable idea! I wish I was that creative when it came to craft projects. Sigh.

  5. How cute are those! WOW

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